K9 Natural Dog Freeze Dried Beef 17.6 Lbs

High in meat. Low in carbohydrates.


The natural tastes of K9 Natural attract even the pickiest eaters. This is due to dogs’ inherent propensity for a diet high in meat.

It is packed full of New Zealand whole food ingredients.

Made from grass-fed, free-range meats, cage-free chicken, or sustainably caught fish, these treats provide your dog with the rich and nourishing proteins and fats he needs to thrive.

Inspired by nature, guided by science.

All AAFCO requirements are met.

Our minimally processed recipes are made without fillers, legumes, GMO ingredients, starch, or preservatives.

Freeze-dried food is the ideal solution for easy storage and transportation, allowing pet owners to feed their pets a high-meat diet. When using it as a meal, add water to the food, or sprinkle it on top of your dog’s food as a tasty topper.

Beef Feast Flavor.

Extra information

Color Orange and Blue