Our Community

Our Community

We are committed to bringing the perfect pup home to you.

Our Mission

Let Us Help You Find Your New Best Friend

Our mission is to find happy homes for healthy pups and equip you with the tools you need to be the best puppy parent.

  • Every single breeder is properly screened. No puppy mills, no scammers here. We guarantee it.
  • All puppies are given the best veterinary care and are checked from nose to tail before going home to you.
  • We will lovingly deliver your pup safely anywhere in the United States

Our Standards

Breeder Standards

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Breeder Reviews

We take pride in our screening process and how we make sure our partner breeders are as meticulous as we are.

Breeder Compliance

We ensure that our partner breeders maintain their standards to our level with regular check-ins and monitoring.

Community of Breeders

The Our Puppy team is a collaboration of reputable breeders, a network of great veterinarians, and animal welfare advocates whose passion focuses on providing the best for each and dog. We take pride in promoting ethical breeding practices. Our goal is to influence the standard practice among all breeders as well as educate prospective puppy parents on making better choices when it comes to picking out the right breeder.