Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee

Ensuring that your new pup is in their best health before they arrive home to you.

What is a Health Guarantee?

A health guarantee is a commitment from us and our partner breeders. The puppy we are sending home to you is free from life-threatening genetic diseases and is of the best health by the time they reach you. This guarantee ensures the level of quality and care our community puts in to making sure parent pairings are carefully planned. We and our partner breeders only allow compatible parents to breed, in order to produce healthy puppies.

Our Puppy Health Guarantee

We believe in excellence in service and going the extra mile for our clients. Our relationship with you goes beyond the day your puppy gets home. We guarantee that our partner breeders are screened well and take the necessary actions we require to ensure your new pup is at their healthiest. We can assure you that they are free of life-threatening genetic defects up until they reach the age of 2.

Once a breeder has been approved to be part of our community, we continue to monitor their process through regular visits. All pups must have up-to-date vaccinations and de-wormings. They must also be cleared prior to travel, free of any communicable disease.

A puppy’s health is dependent on several factors. While we can guarantee that genetic issues would not be a cause for concern, we can’t promise that the puppy would be completely disease-free throughout their lives. Take your pup to get checked at your veterinarian of choice within three days of receiving them.

After three days from receiving your pup, we can no longer guarantee against communicable diseases like Parvo, Corona, Distemper, Coccidiosis, or Giardia.

If in the unlikely event, you receive a puppy with a life-threatening hereditary condition, you must obtain a written document from your veterinarian describing the exact health risk and symptoms to support the claim. This must be signed and printed on office stationery. This is followed by an appointment with our chosen veterinarian to confirm the same diagnosis.

If in the event the veterinarians do not agree, the contract will be null and void. Any bills incurred during the process shall be shouldered by the buyer unless prior agreements have been made.

If you qualify for a replacement, you may choose a pup of equal value or higher from the same breeder partner. The difference in value will be shouldered by you. Warranted puppies will need to be returned to us before a replacement can be sent.

If a replacement puppy is not available within 180 days, you will be refunded 100% of your pup’s original purchase price only. Deposit and shipping fees are non-refundable.